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Early Keyboards of Atlanta Privacy Policy

Early Keyboards of Atlanta takes your privacy seriously. We do not sell or otherwise distribute information you provide to us on this website. Also, we take every precaution to ensure that you do not receive spam as a result of visiting our website, sending us email, or participating in our mailing list. We do not use cookies or use any other means of tracking our visitors.

Your email address is required when you contact us via email (so we can respond back to you), and when you subscribe to the mailing list (for confirmation, and so you can receive list postings.) Because email addresses are often sought after for spamming purposes, we use the following methods to protect your privacy:

Requiring email confirmation of any mailing list subscription requests, so that you are not unknowingly subscribed, and so that spammers cannot post to the list.

Ensuring that the list of mailing list subscribers is available only to the list administrator.

Encoding email addresses listed in the guestbook so that they won't be targets for email harvesting programs routinely used by spammers.

If you feel that you have received spam as a result of using our site, or have suggestions about how we can further protect your privacy here, please contact us with your feedback.

Thank you for visiting the Early Keyboards of Atlanta website.
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